On Sunday, 25 August 2013 at 22:35:50 UTC, John Colvin wrote:

This might be the final straw that takes me over to Arch.

How are things over on that side of linux? I've been using
ubuntu/lubuntu/fedora/mint on various machines for years but
never really tried out the more DIY distros.

I liked it more in pre-systemd epoch, miss that `rc.conf` elegance. It even had ncurses-based installer then! :)

Right now the crucial point for me is AUR / PKGBUILD system (and the reason why I wasn't satisfied with any other distro I have tried). Creating own packages is incredibly easy and simple, as well as sharing them with people. It helps to keep system clean if you build own stuff from sources and allows Arch to be the true bleeding edge distro - even if main repository maintainer are slow or reluctant to include some new shiny program, community will do it in AUR anyway. That was the case initially with D2, btw - it has started in AUR.

Reading manuals / wiki is pretty much mandatory but I don't think it is a major blocker for a programmer, unless he is completely new to Linux :)

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