I switched to Arch from Kubuntu a few months ago and I'm never looking back. It's definitely not for everyone since setting up is a pain and some favour stability over having the newest, shiny toys. For me, I wanted a distro that has the latest and greatest that I can make as minimal as possible, with a great package management system. And that's Arch.

Give it a whirl in a VM and judge for yourself. I was worried for a while about leaving the Ubuntu-derived distros and missing out on packages but Arch seems to have everything I want in the official repositories. In the rare case it doesn't, it's in the AUR and easily installed anyway.

To the original poster: thanks and good work!



This might be the final straw that takes me over to Arch.

How are things over on that side of linux? I've been using
ubuntu/lubuntu/fedora/mint on various machines for years but
never really tried out the more DIY distros.

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