On 08/25/2013 10:48 PM, Dicebot wrote:> On Sunday, 25 August 2013 at 20:33:49 UTC, Jordi Sayol wrote:
>> What's the Arch Linux way to name shared libraries? On debian,
>> "libphobos2.so" (libphobos2-dev) is a symlink to real
>> "libphobos2.so.0.63.0" (libphobos2-63) shared library.
>> "libphobos2.so.0.63" (libphobos2-63) SONAME symlink is created with
>> the "ldconfig" command during the deb package (un)installation.
> On Arch currently there are only libphobos2.so (actualy binary) and
> libphobos2.so.0.63 (automatically created during installation). I am
> going to ask on IRC if any other symlinks are expected.

Usually the actual binary has the fully qualified version number, and libphobos2.so would be included/created by the devel package.

This would allow someone to install multiple versions of the same lib side by side if needed.

Also Archlinux usually doesn't have devel packages, the headers, libraries and documentation are included in the regular package.

Mike Wey

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