Am 14.10.2013 15:14, schrieb Benjamin Thaut:
Am 13.10.2013 00:16, schrieb Walter Bright:

Current list of regressions:

This isn't a release candidate, in particular the documentation needs
work, but we need to shake the tree for any undetected regressions.

Further beta announcements go in the dmd-beta mailing list.

Note that this release contains:

29 enhancements
307 dmd bugs fixed
14 druntime bugs fixed
73 phobos bugs fixed

I just upgraded to dmd 2.064 and there are most likely multiple new
struct lifetime bugs. I'm going to file them as soon as I find them, but
first I have to get the debugger working again. The patch I used for dmd
to be able to debug D programs with visual studio no longer works for
dmd 2.064.

I'm also getting random missing symbol linker errors with both dmd 2.063.2 and dmd 2.064. But only on 32-bit windows. On 64-bit windows it works fine.
This is really frustrating...

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