On 10/15/2013 1:50 AM, Benjamin Thaut wrote:
Am 14.10.2013 23:19, schrieb Walter Bright:
On 10/14/2013 6:25 AM, Benjamin Thaut wrote:
I'm also getting random missing symbol linker errors with both dmd
2.063.2 and
dmd 2.064. But only on 32-bit windows. On 64-bit windows it works fine.
This is really frustrating...

Is it possible you are linking together code compiled with different
command line -version or -debug switches?

I dind't change anything on the build setup. And it worked with dmd 2.062. Is
there now different mangeling depending on the -version and -debug statements?

dmd now assumes that templates instantiated by a library module are actually in the library.

But if code is turned on and off with -version or -debug command line switches, and different switches are used to compile the library than the importer, then the templates instantiations may not be in the library.

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