On 10/18/2013 1:29 PM, Andrej Mitrovic wrote:
But I hope you understand this isn't really about you or Walter not
doing these things yourself, but rather the fact that you didn't seem
to recognize this as being a problem. I've mentioned the build/release
issue many times, and now we finally have a pull request that could
make this problem go away. Just as I thought the problem was being
resolved, Walter announced the new beta. So clearly he still doesn't
see the pull request as being important.

As I've posted elsewhere, I want very much to have the package build process to be a single command. I want Brad's autotester to build those packages as part of its regular build/test runs.

I'd like Brad, Nick, Jordi, Jacob, and anyone else involved with the installers to get together to get this done.

As to why I didn't do this for the beta zip - because the install package builders break with every new release, and for the initial beta I just wanted to see where we were with the regressions - and there's a lot of work to do just to fix those, before getting to a release candidate.

We do need a Build Czar, because the install builds break every time, due to things like failure to update the manifests, new build targets, new features, etc. Somebody has to be responsible for getting all the scripts tested and working again - which is also why I want this to be part of the autotester, so problems will show up sooner. (And heck, just building the zip file exposed a lot of breakage.)

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