On 10/18/2013 12:14 PM, Rory McGuire wrote:
Nice. It's there any particular reason you prefer zip?

It's easy and works on all platforms.

I also point out that, for all platforms supported, when we do a release we also build a custom download package for each platform in that platform's preferred format. If these are inadequate, then bug reports need to be filed and pull requests issued for the package building scripts.

I expect that managing all this should be the responsibility of the Build Czar, which is an open position.

I guess it's irrelevant what the current format is if we start using Nick's

What I prefer is that all the packages are built automatically and daily by Brad's autotester, and that this process is controlled by scripts checked into github and that anyone who wishes to improve it can issue pull requests against it, and the Build Czar makes sure the process is working.

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