On Friday, October 18, 2013 15:31:05 Walter Bright wrote:
> We do need a Build Czar, because the install builds break every time, due to
> things like failure to update the manifests, new build targets, new
> features, etc. Somebody has to be responsible for getting all the scripts
> tested and working again - which is also why I want this to be part of the
> autotester, so problems will show up sooner. (And heck, just building the
> zip file exposed a lot of breakage.)

I would suggest making a very prominent post about this in the newsgroup - 
that you want a build czar. If you make it clear that the position needs to be 
filled, and that it's your intention to offload that work to the build czar, 
someone may step up to do it - especially if they're unhappy with the current 
process. Most of the push on that thus far has been towards trying to get you 
to change what you're doing, and I'm not sure that it's clear enough to 
everyone that you're ready and willing to have someone else shoulder those 
responsibilities. And without that being clear, I think that it's a lot less 
likely for someone to step up and offer to do it. We _have_ had some folks step 
up to start working on some of it (e.g. Nick with the zip file generation), so 
maybe making it clear that the position is open and that we want it filled will 
make it so that someone like that will step up and do it. Sometimes the problem
isn't finding someone who's ready and willing but rather making it clear what's
needed so that someone who's already ready and willing knows what they can do
to help.

- Jonathan M Davis

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