it's been a long time since the last release of Visual D, but I hope it wasn't too long. As Visual D moves closer to the dlang.org website, this is the final release that will be available on http://www.dsource.org/projects/visuald. Downloads and documentation are also available at http://rainers.github.io/visuald.

Major changes include

* Installer now supports VS 2013, updated to cv2pdb 0.27, mago 0.8, fixes x64 debugger in VS 2012 Shell

  * improvements to "Compile and Run"

  * improvements to syntax/coverage highlighting

  * DParser engine now used by default, updated to recent version

  * single file options now available per project configuration

  * added global option to display the reason for building a target

* added different options for executable and library search paths to be used for Win32/x64

  * link dependencies can now also be monitored for the 32-bit MS linker

* added commands "Collapse unittests" and "Collapse disabled" to the outlining menu

The full list of changes can be found
here: http://www.dsource.org/projects/visuald/wiki/VersionHistory
or:   http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/VersionHistory.html

Visual D is written in D, source code is available here:


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