El 06/11/13 10:55, Jordi Sayol ha escrit:
> El 05/11/13 23:46, Walter Bright ha escrit:
>> On 11/5/2013 2:41 PM, Brad Anderson wrote:
>>> Figured it out.  You used linux/win/installer.nsi.  I have no idea why that
>>> exists and what it is for.
>> It's so you can build the windows installer from a Linux box. I presumed it 
>> was the same.
> It is not the same. The linux/windows/dinstaller.nsi is a fork of 
> windows/dinstaller.nsi. Mainly differs as it includes everything on itself, 
> removing the need to download dmd/dmc/libcurl every time dmd is installed. 
> There are some other minor changes.

Errata: s:linux/windows/dinstaller.nsi:linux/win/installer.nsi:

BTW. Changes on this fork:

- Built in all the needed components. No downloads during installation.

- Checks if another dmd version is already installed, and force to uninstall it 
before proceed. If uninstaller fails, installation can be forced by the command 
"dmd-2.064.2.exe /f".

- Changes on the Windows system registry fields and values.

- Remove the dmd version 1.

- Not allowed to go ahead if nothing is selected.

- Changed default path to "C:\dmd". If previous dmd installation is set to 
another path, installer uses it instead the default.

It is prepared to be built by the "linux/dmd_win.sh", which is included on 
"linux/build_all.sh" as well.

Jordi Sayol

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