On Saturday, 28 December 2013 at 03:13:10 UTC, Casper Færgemand wrote:
On Saturday, 28 December 2013 at 02:02:44 UTC, Alexander Bothe wrote:
May I have some code samples? Writing 'SysTime' may happen everywhere - as well as 'a similar null-pointer' .. I have no magic glass bowl to look in, you know. ;-)
I can't reproduce it in a new file. I can, however, go to any line in my existing project, press a key on the keyboard, and the code completion window crashes with a null pointer. Not sure what you want aside from that. I don't see why it would have anything to do with what code I've written. My only import outside Phobos is Pegged.

D_Parser.Dom.DefaultDepthFirstVisitor.Visit(ArrayLiteralExpression x)

Just another hint: I have the same issue, on 4.2.2 under OSX with Reverted to and the issue is still present, BUT only in the log (--no-redirect) and without the modal error dialog. I agree with Casper, it happens practically in every module you wrote, when you write incomplete code.

I think you already know this, Alex, but I agree with ilya and Casper: MonoD is by far the best environment to code with under OSX/linux, but we definitely need more stability. Right now, I'm scouting for my colleague every new combination of Xamarin and Mono-D updates ("ok, update to 4.2.2, it works", "hold on with, it's broken!", and so on..)


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