On Friday, 27 December 2013 at 16:40:57 UTC, Alexander Bothe
Hi everyone,

Despite I released the big completion engine refactoring half a
week ago I'd still like to announce it over here as well.

There's been a complete completion engine overhaul (i.e. the part
that matches the currently selected code part against the
abstract symbol node in the AST and furthermore prepares the
resolution of that node) and several performance improvements
concerning parsing code & code completion.

The full release note:

Completion bugs/issues/requests:

Non-completion related stuff:


I must admit, that you do lots of awsome work on this IDE
(plugin). But still it is quiet bad. After clean install I am not
able to run even basic hello world. Ok I can uninstall
gnome-terminal and install xterm. After that I can run basic
terminal apps, but not debug them :(. Maybe it would be better to
stop adding new features and try to make it more stable.

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