Have a look at DWT: https://github.com/d-widget-toolkit/dwt

I looked at it and on the first sight it seems as a wrapper around GTK on linux side and native windows toolkit on windows. In this case I would probably rather use gtkd directly and hope for fewer problems. (but both should be tried and decided after that, DWT seems to be more OOP friendly so easier to use).

If I understand it correctly, its backed up with GTK2 on linux? (SWT seems to get GTK3 support in october 2013, but don't know if its already released).

My point is, that GTKD, DWT are for sure pretty usable. But they lack modern features and portability and if I will be in position to choose UI framework for multiplatform business app, I will end up with Qt 5.x for sure.

It seems that D is advancing to be ARM ready, wouldn't it be nice to be able to write UI apps for Android, iOS, WinRT, whatever in D?

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