On Thursday, 9 January 2014 at 15:58:20 UTC, anthony wrote:
Hi to all here,

(another one here that wants to desperately use D in his work environment!)

So, I am a C# and C++ guy who is used to high quality tools and UI libraries. I discovered VisualD and I settled on using it, it is really awesome!

The only problem that concerns me is the lack of a UI library to use with the language. GTK+ is not an option for me. Qt is but I do not see any way to use it from D.

I am thinking about using D for the business logic of my programs (let's say on Windows, for start) and then C# for the UI stuff.

Is there a way to access D code from C# ? Some path I need to follow, some hint... ?

Thanks a lot for any help !


You can expose D code as COM objects and use them from C# this way.

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