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On Friday, 10 January 2014 at 21:50:50 UTC, TC wrote:
they lack modern features and portability and if I will be in position
to choose UI framework for multiplatform business app, I will end up
with Qt 5.x for sure.

C++ remains the best tool for that job (Qt 5.x). And unfortunately, i do
not have many hopes that it will change soon.

It will, but not in the direction most people would like.

 From what I can get from Qt conference videos since version 5 came out,
QML is the way to go, with just performance critical parts still done in


I work every day on an application written in C++ with Qt and QML. The
core of the application is written in C++ without Qt and only the GUI is
in QML, some additionnal wrappers are necessary to inject data of the
core application in QML.

We have no performance issues with QML.

Saddly for the moment I can't talk more about this application since it
was not already released, but it's typically an application where
performances are critical.

Like with every script languages you need to do things with carefulness
and avoid to put application logic in it.

It's our experience give us the idea to do something similar in D, cause
a lot of things can be better than with Qt and C++.

Thanks for sharing the information. At work I do mostly JVM/.NET stuff. Since 2006 I don't do any C++ at work, except when porting stuff to the former platforms.

I just use Qt/C++ occasionally on hobby projects, so it is good to know from someone with experience on them, how the real situation is.


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