On 1/26/14, 4:20 PM, Jordi Sayol wrote:
El 26/01/14 21:59, Andrew Edwards ha escrit:

Jordi, I need you to explain this. You wrote the scripts for the pkg installers right? 
What happens when you pass a version number containing a "-" to dmd_rpm.sh? 
I'll tell you:

     Building for target platforms: i386
     Building for target i386
     error: line 2: Illegal character '-' in: Version: 2.065.0-b2

I initially changed the naming convention because of errors like these cropping 
up all over your scripts. Change it to '~' and it craps out on another one of 
your scrips for a different package. Multiple other

My question is, what is the proper version scheme that fits all the systems 
that you are trying to make these packages for? This one obviously does not 
work for at lease one of them.

Andrew, the current deb/rpm building script version scheme is:


I've modified the version scheme so the script does not have a problem identifying the zip. It simply craps the bed when it reaches dmd_rpm.sh.

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