On Sat, 2014-02-08 at 06:03 +0000, Steve Teale wrote:
> A deb file of an early version of COMPO2 is now available at 
> http://britseyeview.com/compo/.
> I'd appreciate some feedback from the Debian based users in the D 
> community. It's not technical stuff, but it's an example of what 
> can be done with D+gtkd2.

I downloaded the deb file and put into my local deb repository. On
update, the package appears to aptitude, but as an i386, 32-bit package.
Although I am running a multiarch 64-bit Debian Unstable, compo was
going to drag in 62 new i386 packages, which I'm afraid felt a bit to
much to continue with.

Can I suggest:

1.  use the Debian package naming rules so that the version number and
architecture are more standardly part of the name.

2. build a 64-bit amd64 package as well as a 32-bit i386 package.


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