On Sun, 2014-02-09 at 07:25 +0000, Steve Teale wrote:
> I have changed the naming to make it clear that it is a 32 bit 
> version. However it's not clear to me whether I can build a 64 
> bit version on my 32 bit system.

Should be possible if you have the 64-bit libraries, it's just a form of

> a) How do I tell if my GCC version is multilib,

GCC just has flags to determine whether it does 32-bit or 64-bit
compilation and linking. The only issue is whether you have the 32-bit
libraries to link against.

For Debian (and Ubuntu, and some variants of Mint) ensure you have the
multiarch-support and binutils-multiarch in place. Probably best to see

> b) Can I build a static 64 bit library - gtkd2 - on my 32 bit 
> system.

Should be able to, DMD, GDC and LDC can all cross-compile.

If you send me a reference to your deb build repository, I'll clone it
and give a build a try here, save you the hassle.

PS I thought the idea of D application compilation was not to build
separate objects for each source and then link (as in your Makefile),
but to compile and link all sources in one step (makes the Makefile
simpler :-) 

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