On Thursday, 27 February 2014 at 18:47:37 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
For better or worse Walter and I are the bottlenecks on a lot of D-related stuff.

I would really like to help with this, and (I think) others would too.

The ideas for GSoC 2015 could start now. I took the liberty of adding the ideas page (http://wiki.dlang.org/GSOC_2015_Ideas). Add your ideas today! Deadlines, call for mentors, link to GSoC application instructions should all be added now, if possible.

Help me help you:
The recent "CONTRIBUTING.md" for DLang.org helped me make a few updates to neglected areas of the website, and I have more coming.

The GDC Project Ideas page (http://wiki.dlang.org/GDC/ProjectIdeas) helped me add a little value to that project. I revisit it periodically to find out "What can I do today?"

I realize the last thing you need is another suggestion, but perhaps something like these could be created for the D effort as a whole. For example, what needs to be done to help prepare for DConf 2014?


P.S. Forgive me if all this has been beaten to death before. My sincere thanks for all you and Walter have done to give us D. I'm hoping for a career changer with this language. God knows I need one.

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