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Experienced D developers, who feel they could use
on a specific project, or who would be otherwise interested in
taking on an 'apprentice' could list projects they would like
to see someone take on.  Interested developers could browse
through and see if any of the proposed projects piqued their

IMO this is EXACTLY what this effort needs. I don't know what happened to the apprenticeship custom, but it needs a comeback...badly. This is a great idea. The apprentices this year will likely become the mentors of next year, and it will only accelerate.

Make a wiki page to get started. Post an announcement. People may be apprehensive at first, but I think it will catch on. If it doesn't, no harm done.

However, that doesn't entirely fulfill #2 in your list.
The 'student' needs some motivation to complete the project
I suppose.  Perhaps a DConf T-shirt autographed by Walter and
Andrei or something :o)

I would do it simply for the benefit of education. Lord knows it'd be a better return on my investment than an overpriced university. It would also help my career to say that I worked under some of the prominent names in this community.

Mentors would benefit as well. I'm sure Iain would love some help doing the 2.065.0 merge, yes? They would learn some valuable leadership skills as well, and may actually enjoy the experience. I greatly enjoyed the little mentoring I've done in my career.

I can only see good things coming out of such an effort, if it takes hold. It's a superb idea.


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