On 3/13/14, Vladimir Panteleev <vladi...@thecybershadow.net> wrote:
> However, the biggest problem is the open pull request count. What
> good is authoring a patch if no one wants to take time to review
> it?
> IMHO, we don't need more bug bounties - we need REVIEWER
> bounties. Some way to convince more experienced D developers to
> review others' contributions. I have a number of open DMD pull
> requests myself, and sometimes I consider bribing someone to just
> look at them.

I think I know what's causing this stalling. As more bugs get fixed
the bugs that are left opened are the ones which are the most
complicated to fix (essentially most of the easy ones are fixed

E.g. Kenji tends to tackle more and more complex and intricate bugs.
So these complicated DMD changesets can only really be reviewed by
people with intricate knowledge of the compiler. I don't think there's
that many people around with that kind of knowledge. Personally, I've
only ever tackled smaller bugs, most of Kenji's changesets go way over
my head and I wouldn't be able to merge something like that with
confidence, regardless of the autotester.

You could easily substitute "PHD" with "DMD" on this page:

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