On 3/14/14, 6:22 AM, Dicebot wrote:
This. If Facebook is truly interested into D success, hiring some
programmers to work on DMD/Phobos full-time is best thing that can
possibly be done. But as far as I understand management is not yet ready
for such investment.

Facebook is unique (for its size and impact) in that it doesn't hire for a team, project, or specific position. Instead, it hires for the generic position "Software Engineer". Once in, the company has a policy of high internal mobility that gives people a lot of leeway in what they work on.

This means there's no guarantee one would work in or on D upon hiring. That said, since recently there are too many D internal projects for me to oversee so if anything I'm lacking headcount.

Things happen organically here. The best way to increase Facebook's involvement in D is to hire more people interested in D.


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