On Friday, 14 March 2014 at 15:05:09 UTC, Andrei Alexandrescu wrote:
On 3/14/14, 6:22 AM, Dicebot wrote:
This. If Facebook is truly interested into D success, hiring some programmers to work on DMD/Phobos full-time is best thing that can possibly be done. But as far as I understand management is not yet ready
for such investment.

Facebook is unique (for its size and impact) in that it doesn't hire for a team, project, or specific position. Instead, it hires for the generic position "Software Engineer". Once in, the company has a policy of high internal mobility that gives people a lot of leeway in what they work on.

Yeah and this is both cool and limiting at the same time. Probably not hiring as part of main team but some sort of short-term contract? Consider myself one year ago (before joining Sociomantic) - I would not seriously consider applying to Facebook in general but if there was an option of devoting myself to full-time DMD hacking, I'd definitely go for it if that can cover my basic bills (which for sure is much less than typical Facebook engineer costs ;))

This means there's no guarantee one would work in or on D upon hiring. That said, since recently there are too many D internal projects for me to oversee so if anything I'm lacking headcount.

This actually sounds very cool! :) I did not know that there is much anticipation apart from you experiments that has resulted in announced lint tool (and the fact that deadalnix now comes to IRC from facebook IP).

When can we expect first upstream pull requests done from Facebook camp? :P

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