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> On Monday, 31 March 2014 at 00:09:34 UTC, Leandro Lucarella wrote:
> >I think that's pretty wasteful, why won't you just use clang?
> >What's the
> >point of competing with another opensource project (a very good
> >one,
> >that took a lot of men-hour to do a good C/C++ compiler, including
> >the
> >preprocessor). I understand Walter did this in a couple of weeks,
> >clang
> >have been developed for at least 7 years now, is totally
> >understandable
> >that clang outperforms warp, is enough merit for warp to
> >outperform GCC.
> >I mean, if someone wants to have fun, go ahead, but putting
> >community
> >effort on that where there are so many places that are more
> >important to
> >put the effort on seems a bit silly.
> Walter taking 2 weeks to do something comparable to what the clang
> and gcc guys have done over many years, serves as massive
> advertising for D.
> Also, here we now have an entire project written by the man himself.
> That should serve as required reading for anybody who wants to learn
> how to code in the latest D.
> And it serves as a benchmark for the best C++ coders. They can try
> to do the same in C++ in two weeks. (I bet by the end of the two
> weeks the guys are ready to switch languages!)

Don't take the "couple of weeks" too literally, this is just my
impression after reading the article! Maybe it would be good if Walter
said how much time did it take him to code this.

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