On Tuesday, 20 May 2014 at 05:22:54 UTC, Mineko wrote:
Wow, good stuff, very impressive, I'm making a engine myself called Breaker Engine (Coded in D), and I might just have to take a few tips from your engine.

Although I've neglected it for about 2 months now lol, I've been gathering data as my math is not so good..

If anything I make in my engine just happens to be anything I can apply to your team's engine, I'll be sure to contribute. :)

Seeing as how you're using a component system.. It's probably just coincidental, but would your project happen to have any relation to BennyQBD's engine? (https://github.com/BennyQBD/3DEngineCpp)

Also, I may have skipped over it in this thread, but what was your experience with the D GC in your engine?

Was it a problem?
Anyway, again, good work, I look forward to our future relationship as D game engine developers. :)

Thanks! We're always open to contributors, just drop by our Gitter room[1] and say hi if you've got any ideas, or if you'd just like something to do.

We are not related to BenyyQBD's engine, and I've never heard of it, but it does look kind of neat.

As far as the GC goes, we pretty much only use it during initialization (and boy do we). We try to limit allocations during the main loop as much as possible, so very rarely do we actually have the GC run while the game is running. As long as you know what you're doing it's a pretty easy problem to avoid.

[1] https://gitter.im/Circular-Studios/Dash

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