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On Tuesday, 17 June 2014 at 15:45:55 UTC, Bruno Medeiros wrote:

Dunno about DScanner, but if it's being used in DCD, I'd guess it can
handle the whole language, or be fairly close to it.

Similarly, there is also DParser2 from MonoD and the DDT parser (for
the tool I'm working on)

HAHAHAHAHAHA ! (The author of these actual tools will tell you the same).

I don't understand what point is it you're trying to say here...
Are you saying it's ludicrous that people have written complete parsers for D?

* Semantic analysis is needed. Otherwise as soon as someone uses
templates or mixins the tool won't properly work

I think there would be a lot of modifications that one can do without
semantic analysis (or limited analysis). But that's why I asked for
examples of dfix scenarios.

Until you hit a static if. Which is always.

Adding "final" to every method in certain classes could be done
without semantic analysis. Reworking certain constructs to different
constructs possibly as well (for example change foreach_reverse to
just foreach usage)


How would a static if prevent a tool from adding "final" to every method in a specified class?

Bruno Medeiros

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