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Dunno about DScanner, but if it's being used in DCD, I'd guess it can
handle the whole language, or be fairly close to it.

Similarly, there is also DParser2 from MonoD and the DDT parser (for
the tool I'm working on)

HAHAHAHAHAHA ! (The author of these actual tools will tell you the

I don't understand what point is it you're trying to say here...
Are you saying it's ludicrous that people have written complete
parsers for D?

Parsing D is relatively simple but making any reliable changes without
full (and mean _full_) semantic analysis is close to impossible because
of code generation and interleaving semantic stages.

A lot of simple changes could be made with little or no semantic analysis. I'm not talking about complex refactorings such as Extract/Inline Function, Introduce/Remove Parameter, Pull Method Up/Down, extract Class/Interface, etc.

Rather, simple fix changes that would be useful if the API or syntax of the language changes. That's why I asked for examples of dfix changes (even if for hypothetical language changes) - to see how easily they could be implemented or not.

Bruno Medeiros

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