On Thursday, 19 June 2014 at 03:23:15 UTC, Saurabh Das wrote:
I find it impossible to even find the posts on HN. Within a few hours of them being posted by Andrei, they are buried 4-5 pages deep in the 'new' section with very few upvotes.

This search for DConf finds 5 of the 7 talks posted so far:


None have any comments and most have practically no votes, so that explains why you didn't find them on there. Two other talks were not labeled DConf for some reason, but only the Meyers talk, which wasn't about D, had any comments or much votes:


Last year I saw most of the talks (DConf13) on HN and r/programming. This year I find them only on this forum because the talks are not staying up on HN or r/p front pages for much time.

There has been some suggestion that they are being moderated down. The Reddit postings get about a hundred votes, not sure if that's much on their site, as I don't use it. If you're aware of this forum, not sure why you're going there anyway.

On Thursday, 19 June 2014 at 11:04:25 UTC, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
My connection is specified to 10 Mbps. But it depends on how large the files are. Most of the files from DConf are under around 350MB in HD quality. On the other hand, Andrei's talk from LangNext 2014 is 1.3 GB and 48 minutes long while the talk by Bjarne is 2.8 GB and 68 minutes long.

There are also 740 and 65.8 MB encodings of Andrei's talk that are perfectly usable. I should know, as I downloaded the latter. Same for Bjarne's talk, which I haven't downloaded.

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