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On Tuesday, 17 June 2014 at 17:10:16 UTC, Mengu wrote:
and also the genius idea to post each talk seperately instead of having a nice talks page on dconf.org and providing a link for that. i'd understand the keynotes but for the rest of the talks this is / was not a good idea.

I think the hope was that it would attract more views overall. I think what was not taken into account was the way Reddit post get viewed, having their up votes spread out among the different posts is much worse than pooling them as the reddit posts are far less likely to be viewed with low up vote counts. Also its annoying for us who just want to watch the talks.

A much better strategy would have been a full release of all the talks followed with a reddit post of all of them to get the large burst up front, then after wards have individual posts for each video to get the staggering as well. It would effectively doubled each videos exposure(reddit is all reposts any ways so its all the better :P).

According to Andrei's talk, it worked quite effectively last year based off the increased number of compiler downloads per month immediately following DConf. And I do think that it does work better as well, though have no evidence for that besides the number of downloads that Andrei said.

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