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Umm, I don't know what you're talking about exactly. But let me get this straight, it looks like you're saying you are annoyed that it didn't 'just
work' out of the box? :P

Yeah this is the inly compiler I have used so far where you can't just type `cl.exe helloworld.c` after installation and expect it to not crash - with an intention that you must use special environment wrapper before that
is never mentioned to you during installation.

Yeah, the first I ever became aware about that environment script was when
Walter pointed it out to me a few years ago.
I've never encountered anybody try and use MSC from the command line in about 15 years professionally. That's what I mean about this culture; it's the opposite of linux, and it outright rejects practises that are

well I don't mind that habits are totally different - but the fact that it is considered an excuse for distributing broken programs (and cl.exe is broken by most basic software usability principles) is frustrating at least. "Polishing" means exactly paying attention to details like that, making sure that features on one uses still work when stumbled upon. And making your GUI even more fancy is, well, making you GUI fancy. Nothing to do with polishing.

I'll tell my scripts next time that all they need is to press a build
button, yeah

What's a script? Is that related to the command prompt? We left that behind
in Windows95... ;)

Yeah you know those old school things that allow us to spend time on something actually useful instead of pressing buttons ;)

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