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>> Umm, I don't know what you're talking about exactly. But let me get this
>> straight, it looks like you're saying you are annoyed that it didn't 'just
>> work' out of the box? :P
> Yeah this is the inly compiler I have used so far where you can't just
> type `cl.exe helloworld.c` after installation and expect it to not crash -
> with an intention that you must use special environment wrapper before that
> is never mentioned to you during installation.

Yeah, the first I ever became aware about that environment script was when
Walter pointed it out to me a few years ago.
I've never encountered anybody try and use MSC from the command line in
about 15 years professionally. That's what I mean about this culture; it's
the opposite of linux, and it outright rejects practises that are

 You're meant to open the .sln file and press the build button...
> I'll tell my scripts next time that all they need is to press a build
> button, yeah

What's a script? Is that related to the command prompt? We left that behind
in Windows95... ;)

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