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Other OSes/distros are likely equally easy. Please, reply with
examples to help ensure other people on the same OS/distro as you have
no excuse not to update!

I find it ironic that it's another "big global" security hole about
which Windows users don't even have to be concerned about.


All of my windows boxes needed to be updated.  One of the first things I
do on any new windows box is install cygwin to get a saner development
environment with bash as my shell.

Yea. I've been very tempted to put bash on my Win desktops as well. Heck, I may even have some old installation of msys/mingw bash still lying around somewhere.

I wouldn't be shocked at all if other windows apps bundle bash for one
reason or another too.  It might not come as part of the base install
(though given the huge pile of stuff that gets installed, I wouldn't put
huge bets on it not lurking off in a dark corner somewhere), but that's
not the end of the story.

Yup, Git comes to mind. (Or at least Git GUI?) Don't know whether that actually exposes any attack vectors, but I guess that's kinda the big question everyone's trying to find out, isn't it? "What are all the possible attack vectors of this flaw?" Some of them have been discovered, but who knows what else there may be.

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