On Wednesday, 1 October 2014 at 18:42:41 UTC, Kagamin wrote:
A have linux mint 12 installation with mint4win (wubi), on linux mint forums I was told, that updating from the latest repository won't work. I would be grateful, if you explain, how to upgrade it to the latest version. Yeah, theoretically it should be able to just overwrite files on disk without paying much attention to disk nature.

Linux Mint 12 is not LTS release (and _insanely_ old). You are supposed to do regular full upgrades with non-LTS releases, this is why bash update was not propagated to its repositories.

However you can simply go to http://packages.linuxmint.com/search.php?keyword=bash&release=any&section=any and download .deb package of more recent release from there to install manually. It may work or may not depending on how compatible dependencies are.

This a very unpleasant experience you get compared to sticking to LTS or up to date distro but pretty much on the same level as one you normally have in the Windows all the time. And with little time investments it is miles and miles ahead any possible Windows experience you can get even theoretically (speaking exclusively about upgrade/update process here).

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