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> Nothing wrong with Android building on existing OSS.
i never said that this is something wrong. unethical from my POV, but
not wrong.

> As for the hype, the source google releases, AOSP, is completely 
> open.  You're right that it's then closed up by all the hardware 
> vendors, but I doubt you'll find one who hypes that it's open 
> source.  So you seem to be conflating the two.
i see such people almost every day. "i bought android-based smartphone
'cause android is open source!" i still can't understand how buying
closed proprietary crap supports FOSS. and android is still proprietary
system with opened source, not FOSS.

Linux, by the way, is not a real FOSS for me. not until it will adopt
GPLv3, which will never happen.

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