On Wednesday, 17 December 2014 at 19:06:24 UTC, solidstate1991 wrote:
I started to work on an engine, which emulates the features and
limitations of older graphics systems, mainly for retro-styled
indie games.


-Support for parallax scrolling, and multiple sprite and tile
-Support for sprite scaling and rotation
-Max. 65536 colors on screen from a palette
-Variable sprite sizes for easier development, tile layers can
work with any size of tiles as long as all of the tiles are the
same size on one layer
-Collision detection
-Support for modding
-Sprite editor, tile map editor

It's not a dethroner for the Unreal Engine 4, but I try my best
to get it into work. It's current name is VDP engine, but if you
can come up with a better name I might change it. I still haven't
decided to make it open or closed source (if it'll be ever used
by any game that makes profit, I'd like to get some share from

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