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i still can't understand how buying
closed proprietary crap supports FOSS. and android is still proprietary
system with opened source, not FOSS.

I'll tell you how. First off, all the external OSS projects that AOSP builds on, whether the linux kernel or gpsd or gcc, get much more usage and patches because they're being commercially used. Android has had their linux kernel patches merged back upstream into the mainline linux kernel.

Once companies saw Android taking off, they started a non-profit called Linaro to develop the linux/ARM OSS stack, mostly for Android but also for regular desktop distros, and share resources with each other, employing several dozen paid developers who only put out OSS work, which benefits everyone, ie both OSS projects and commercial vendors:


If they hadn't had success with Android commercially, there's no way they do that. I keep making this point to you, that pure OSS has never and will never do well, that it can only succeed in a mixed fashion.

Linux, by the way, is not a real FOSS for me. not until it will adopt
GPLv3, which will never happen.

What will never happen is the GPLv3 ever taking off.

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