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ah, and another thing: freeimage sux for GNU/Linux. it looks completely alien and no sane GUI software requires it. i didn't looked at the code, but i hope that image loading is well abstracted in DlangUI? if it is, i can try to write a loaders for png and jpg (jpg? in GUI? holy
heavens, why?!).

it's better to check if the system has the corresponding libraries with corresponding versions (imlib2 rocks, for example), but i suppose that
dub cannot into configure checks, am i right?

Initially, I've used libpng for loading images.
But it is compatible only with some particular version of libpng.so API version is passed somwhere in calls, and doesn't work with updated library. I've tried to find some replacement for it, and found FreeImage (there was Derelict suport for it, and it was used in some D projects). Probably, it makes sense to move to SDL_image. But it looks like it requires SDL as dependency.
Does it work ok on linux?
Let me check imlib2 as well.

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