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Hey everyone,

I recently wrote a blog post about how I used D/vibe.d to help find a new house. I haven't publicized it anywhere else yet, so I'm looking forward to what the D community has to say! You can check it out here:

Definitely would be interesting to see this as a full blown comparison
site, like there is for flight.

Yea, definitely. The listing sites from the realty companies are truly horrible (and a very solid case IMO for why the web should be plain-old-data, not "dynamic"/"rich"-content). A sane front-end for all their goofy bloated half-broken crap would be great for anyone facing the royal pain of house hunting.

I have had good results in the UK with rightmove, which does exactly that (although it's still a pain). They do list US (and other) properties too, but I don't think a high percentage.

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