On Wednesday, 14 January 2015 at 14:43:51 UTC, Adam D. Ruppe wrote:
Once the bugs are worked out, like half of this can be automated too and the other half can be written some time in advance.

For example, I now have the next two "tip of the week" bits written already (and if something else comes up, I'll just put them to the backlog, there's no time sensitivity or order requirements for these tips, they stand alone).

I don't want it to be too automated, I think that's not very interesting, but I am doing some of it that way to keep it more consistent. Worst case, if I'm too busy in a week to do something new, I can just slap together the automatic list of links, paste in a tip from the backlog, and call it good enough for now,

You have to synch it with your natural energy. Some weeks, just a few little tips. A lot of pots brewing in the background, but none come to the fore that week. Then periodically, a big soup. Solicit articles when a big issue is coming up - it will probably spur people into writing more. Curating content has become a somewhat thankless job since the "death of print", but people still love rituals. For example, an annual conference is just as important as a ritual as it is a place to learn.

It's fantastic that you've started this, BTW!

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