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i really try not to be whiny about it but it is sooo frustrating. d advertises itself as easy to integrate with c/c++ and maybe in theory it is but in practice it is not true at all. simplest example from Adam's book I followed crashed miserable so I can only assume that
-nobody- is mixing c++ with d on Win.

DDMD is mixing D and C++ on all the autotester platforms. It's not
that simple, but it should be possible.

Honestly, I am not willing to try even less mature compiler (last month it was finished?) to try the feature that does not work in the reference

Don't get me wrong, we do want to be early adopters, but there is
nothing to adopt yet.

I think you misunderstand. Daniel is citing DDMD project as an example of C++ and D working together. The output from DDMD should be identical to DMD, so it's not anything "new" on that side.


Ah, OK. Well, I will try mixing again after 2.067 is released and report back. From the changelog I don't understand what improvements have been made to D to increase C++ interop but that is not so important to us now.

Btw, who is responsible for D output for SWIG?

I tried with 2.067 and bug persists. Filled a bug report [1]

[1] https://issues.dlang.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14327

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