On Thu, 26 Mar 2015 12:23:08 +0000, John Colvin wrote:

>>> Was it filed at issues.dlang.org as a regression?
>> nope, it's not. i was asking for help in "general" (building minimised
>> sample), but nobody was interested. neither do i, actually, as i
>> believe that `alias this` is an abomination and ugly hack. maybe Kenji
>> will fill the bug if he'll find a time for that.
> This is (one of the many reasons) why we can't have nice things. You
> knew there was a regression and you didn't report it. A report without a
> minimised example is still better than no report at all, especially if
> it's a regression!

i tried that before, and it's simply not working this way.

there was not enough information to fill the bug report in the first 
place, as i didn't even know that it's `alias this` to blame. i have 
other things to do and i can't exclusively dedicate my box to dustmiting 
that issue (it finally took me 12 hours to dustmite it; yes, it's 12 full 
hours), so i asked for help in main NG. as nobody was willing to help, i 
considered that issue unimportant.

filling bugs like "this huge project not compiling!" is not working, as 
nobody wants to run dustmite on such projects, people just waiting for 
issue author to provide more information.

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