On 20/04/2015 00:37, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
On Sunday, 19 April 2015 at 23:14:13 UTC, Stewart Gordon wrote:
For those of you who are still unfamiliar with GitHub,

Stewart, I haven't seen an active D project that WASN'T hosted on GitHub for 
years now.

That doesn't mean absolutely none of us are just doing personal projects which we keep on our own computers.

Could people please try checking out the project on GitHub, and committing a 

Git commits are local, and will always succeed.

I committed some updates the other day and they seem they have gone straight into the online repository.

I'm guessing you actually want to allow
anyone to push their commits to your repository, which is not how collaboration 
on GitHub
works. You may want to read up on pull requests:


That mentions a 'shared repository model'. What is that if not a way of enabling any user to push changes? (That said, it isn't clear at the moment how to control whether a given repository is fork-pull or shared, or even whether the distinction is at the repository setup level or some other.)

It's too late in the day for me to take much in at the moment, but another page 
I've found
seems to say that, if I make somebody a 'collaborator', then that somebody will be able to commit to my repository.

The module list has no value these days. Most people in that list no longer use 

?? The module list is a list of modules, not a list of people.

Git allows quickly checking the history of any one file. Contributions to the 
project itself
have been so few that it makes no sense to partition out module ownership.

That isn't the sole purpose of the module list. It also serves to document the status of each file.

If the decision is made to relocate Bindings permanently to GitHub, the wiki 
pages will
be migrated in due course.

Given that SVN is going the way of RCS and CVS, it's not really an "if".

What do you mean by this?


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