On 21/04/2015 00:42, Vladimir Panteleev wrote:
Committing is a local (non-network) operation in git, so you must have pushed 
afterwards, or your GUI has done this for you.

I committed using TortoiseSVN.  Would that auto-push?  I never imagined so.

The shared repository model rarely applies to open-source projects, and I don't 
think it
applies to the bindings project.

Empty comments like "I don't think" don't help any of us. We need to try and figure out whether it applies, and if not then how to make it apply.

SVN use, especially in open-source projects, has heavily declined in the past 
People have begun maintaining their own forks and mirrors of the bindings 

Who are these people?

just so they wouldn't have to muck with SVN.

How is mucking with SVN a burden? It takes only either a one-line command line invocation or a few mouse clicks to update or commit. It seems to me that if people are maintaining their own forks then it's more likely to be because they want the additions they make all to themselves for their personal projects, rather than to contribute to the project.

The bindings project needs to move away from SVN if
it is to avoid fragmentation and be friendly to contributions.

How does using SVN lead to "fragmentation"?  I don't understand.


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