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"Dicebot" <pub...@dicebot.lv> writes:

- Moving fibers between threads (though there is some hope that Liran
managed to convince Walter it is a bad idea)

I am interesting in this one.  What was the decision, that Fibers should
or should not be allowed to migrate between threads?  Is the discussion
in one of the recorded talks?

Walter said that fibers must be movable between threads, it was part of the AMA I think (day 1 final talk).

I will note to those reading this thread, the absolute most phenomenal part of attending the d conference is the live discussion that happens between talks, and afterwards over drinks/dinner. The live streams and recorded talks are no substitute. Just a nudge for anyone who is on the fence for next year :) I hope I can go next year, need to get that passport in order...


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