On Sunday, 29 November 2015 at 10:14:40 UTC, Warwick wrote:
We're talking about whether a plugin / audio code / runtime environment can deliver audio to a soundcard in a reliable manner so that you don't get audio drop outs. We're not talking about the jitter of a digital clock source that's used to control the actual sampling stream. It's similar but at the level of the audio buffer timeslice, not the unit delta of the sample stream. The jitter of an audio clock source is for electronic engineers not audio plugin developers.

Thanks for saying this.
Said it better than anyone.

IE. If you are at 90% cpu usage with 5ms timeslice you can only tollerate 0.5ms jitter before the shit hits the fan. So the important question is not "does it work", it's "does it work under heavy load".

A common counter-point to stay clear of glitches is stay way below 90% CPU usage, have larger buffers or a beefier CPU. If you are maxing out the CPU you are asking for problems, it's not just the plugins being unpredictable. After all our OS aren't RTOS.

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