On 21/12/15 4:21 PM, Basile B. wrote:
Hello, A new alpha of CE is available:

The two latest releases put the focus on the editor:
- identifier markup improved.
- split view.
- macro recording state clearly indicated.
- fix (highlighter, cache restoration when workspace is reloaded).
- more shortcuts (prev/next location, ddoc, call tips, macro recording,
- more options.

Also it's now possible to specify the favorite compiler in the
applications options
- for DUB: dmd, gdc and ldc are obviously supported.
- for the CE projects (aka "native projects"): dmd and ldc are supported.

A new widget, "Dfmt commander", has been added. It's a GUI for Dmft. It
works automatically on the selected editor and it processes documents in
memory only.

Download links and detailed changelog:

(see also previous release since I haven't announced it here).

Thanks again for dfmt support.
But ugh, I get access violation(message window) when it formats.

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