On Monday, 21 December 2015 at 03:59:20 UTC, Rikki Cattermole wrote:
On 21/12/15 4:21 PM, Basile B. wrote:
Hello, A new alpha of CE is available:

The two latest releases put the focus on the editor:
- identifier markup improved.
- split view.
- macro recording state clearly indicated.
- fix (highlighter, cache restoration when workspace is reloaded). - more shortcuts (prev/next location, ddoc, call tips, macro recording,
- more options.

Also it's now possible to specify the favorite compiler in the
applications options
- for DUB: dmd, gdc and ldc are obviously supported.
- for the CE projects (aka "native projects"): dmd and ldc are supported.

A new widget, "Dfmt commander", has been added. It's a GUI for Dmft. It works automatically on the selected editor and it processes documents in
memory only.

Download links and detailed changelog:

(see also previous release since I haven't announced it here).

Thanks again for dfmt support.
But ugh, I get access violation(message window) when it formats.

Problem fixed now, I've moved two times the git tag and updated the binaries.

To the newcomers, don't forget to read the wiki, coedit documentation is part of the software:


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