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> I'm still on IntelliJ 14 so haven't tried it with 15 personally - 
> but it should be fine. IT should work fine on windows as well - 
> although I'm an OSX user so have only ever tested it on OSX - 
> please raise any windows specific issues at the github project 
> https://github.com/kingsleyh/DLanguage/issues
> At the moment I've restricted the plugin to Intellij - so it 
> won't work on other jetbrains products - but It should not be 
> hard to get it working on CLion.

I have just upgraded to IntelliJ IDEA 16 so I'll give it a try.

All my JVM-language projects, I now do a Gradle build specification for
and then let IntelliJ IDEA build a project based on that. CLion does
the same with CMake.

Given we can build D projects with CMake and IntelliJ IDEA plugins can
(with a bit of fiddling) be used in CLion, I will try with CLion 1.5.

I think D should focus on CLion not on IntelliJ IDEA.

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