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> I Agree but CLion is not free and accessible as IDEA. I believe 
> it should still get support but IDEA should have top priority.

Actually CLion is free for those who can show their use is for a FOSS
project. I have a licence for Zipios. But you have to apply.

IntelliJ IDEA Community is indeed just download and go, but it is
fundamentally JDK Maven/Gradle oriented. OK so Gradle has a C++ build
capability, but it doesn't have a SCons, CMake or Dub one really.

My background here is that I think all builds should be driven by a
text file. Whilst Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA used to demand manually
constructed projects, this approach is now history. All the IDEs now
focus on generating projects from external build descriptions. For all
my projects I use a Gradle, CMake, or SCons file and then generate
projects as needed.

I am told there are some differences between plugins for CLion and
IntelliJ IDEA but not too different so a single code base should
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