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Yes, and because its lots of effort flowing into something that D is
usually very fond of: Simplicity.

I'll be curious how the simplicity theme keeps when needed features get added. dlang.org started very simple and grew by accretion.

I remember looking at a part of the documentation and wanting to suggest
a change of wording in a few sentences, since I felt like they didn't
convey information clear enough, but after seeing that I would have to
somehow best-guess my way through tons of macro syntax without clear
indication on where to look for explanations of anything I bailed. Not
about to spend half a day or a day to suggest changing three sentences
and be told that they were fine as is.

Is the recent http://wiki.dlang.org/Contributing_to_dlang.org along the lines of what you need? What other sort of documentation would you find useful?

Sending Adam an E-Mail is
something I totally would've done though :-)

Again this goes back to Adam. Let's say we had a contributor Eve who'd gladly take emailed questions and suggestions and integrate them. Would that be as nice?


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